Resources for Sexual and Intimate Partner Violence


CARE Services* (KU)


Melissa (she/her), the CARE Coordinator provides free, confidential, and voluntary support to students of any gender who have experienced sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and/or intimate partner or dating violence. This care is student-centered and focused on supporting your decisions about what’s best for you.

Examples of services include emotional support, academic support, personal advocacy, info about resources and options both on- and off-campus. Can offer referrals to post-harm medical services, mental health care, legal resources, and reporting processes.

Please contact CARE staff with questions or to schedule a time to talk: 785-864-9255,


Student Support & Case Management (KU)


Student Support & Case Management (SSCM) offers free support to students while coaching them toward appropriate self-care and self-advocacy. Case managers are trained to answer questions, discuss support options, help identify and complete next steps and ultimately, connect students to a wide range of resources. Not specific to interpersonal harm. SSCM staff are not confidential and are mandated to report violence and harm to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX.

Contact a SSCM case manager by calling 785-864-7022 or emailing



Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center*

24/7 support


The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center (or "The Care Center") provides free and confidential services including individual therapy, group therapy, a 24/7 support phone line, and advocacy services. Their support and services are available to anyone affected by sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, harassment, and abuse in our area.


Willow Domestic Violence Center* 

24/7 support


The Willow strives to build safer communities through shelter, services, and support to survivors of domestic violence, intimate partner violence, stalking, and human trafficking. Their services include advocacy and a 24/7 support phone line.


Students may reach out to CARE Services on campus to explore options and get assistance in connecting to post-assault health care, 785-864-9255, during program hours on weekdays.

Trained advocates from The Care Center available to discuss options and processes 24/7 at 785-843-8985.



Lawrence Memorial Hospital* 

24/7 support


325 Maine St., Lawrence, KS

Lawrence Memorial Hospital (LMH) provides post-assault services to people 14 and older by checking in through the Emergency Department (24/7)Services provided through a SAFE exam are free and confidential (although you may be charged for medical care received beyond this exam and medications).

A SAFE (Sexual Assault Forensic Exam) includes medical care and a forensic examination of someone who recently experienced sexual assault. The exams are provided by a SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner) with informed consent. SANEs are specially trained in the medical, psychological, and forensic examination after sexual violence.

Someone has many choices throughout this process, such as declining the forensic evidence collection part and accessing medical care only. In addition to collecting forensic evidence, they have access to:

  • on-site advocacy and support,
  • STI testing,
  • drug testing (if drug-facilitated assault is suspected),
  • and emergency contraception.

A SANE will refer for additional medical care or possible follow-up post-assault care as needed.

A SAFE exam must be completed within approximately 120 hours (5 days) within the incident, although within 72 hours (3 days) is recommended. In Kansas, someone can choose to have a SAFE and report to law enforcement immediately. Reporting options include making a criminal report that could initiate a formal investigation or making an informational report. There’s also an anonymous option to have an exam stored for up to 5 years if someone is undecided, or otherwise does not want to report to law enforcement right away.


You don’t have to have it all figured out or know what you’re going to do next. It’s okay to take time to decide and ask questions first (Information from trained advocates is available 24/7 at: 785-843-8985). You can also go directly to the LMH Emergency Department (325 Maine St.) to access the care you need and deserve.

A free, confidential advocate from The Care Center (off-campus) will automatically join you 24/7 to offer support and help answer questions with your consent. During weekdays when KU is open (8:30 am to 5 pm) CARE Services (on campus) is available to talk with you about your options and provide support, as well. Please contact CARE at 785-864-9255 or



Watkins Health Services*


Watkins Health Services provides a wide range of comprehensive medical care including sexual and reproductive health care after an incident of sexual assault or intimate partner violence. Medical care may include but is not limited to: STI testing, emergency contraception, physical exam of injuries, and medication management. Please note, there are no SANEs or SAFE exam services at Watkins. Those services may be requested at LMH if it has been less than 3-5 days after harm (see information above).

Watkins Health Services is located on campus at 1200 Schwegler Drive, Lawrence, KS.

For 24/7 mental health and crisis support, please call Headquarters Counseling locally at 785-841-2345.

To access the suicide lifeline, call or text 988 to connect with a trained counselor anytime.



Counseling & Psychological Services*


Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) provides individual sessions, group sessions, workshops, and psychiatric services to enrolled KU students. You can learn more about starting services online here. Many services are free or low-cost.

Please know that you deserve to get support! CAPS is available for same-day drop-ins from 10 am to 3 pm on weekdays (Mon-Fri) when the university is open. Come into the office on the 2nd floor of Watkins Health Services or call 785-864-2277 to get started. 

There may be a slight wait if all of their clinicians are in sessions with other students. They will make every effort to see you as quickly as possible.



Bert Nash Center*


Bert Nash is the local community mental health center in Douglas County. Services include individual therapy, group therapy, psychiatric medication services, urgent care/crisis services, and more. Bert Nash is located at 200 Maine Street, Lawrence, KS. You can initiate services by visiting their walk-in hours, Monday through Thursday 8 am to 4 pm or Friday 9 am to 4 pm or completing an inquiry form online at

For urgent care, please visit Bert Nash’s Treatment & Recovery Center, located at 1000 W. 2nd Street, Lawrence, KS. They are open 24/7 – 365 days per year. No appointments necessary.



There are also various private counseling options in the community. If you'd like to discuss your unique situation and explore options for finding a therapist off-campus, please get in touch with CARE Services at 785-864-9255 or, or schedule a meeting online.

Office of Civil Rights & Title IX


To report sexual misconduct, discrimination, harassment, dating/domestic violence, stalking or retaliation to KU, please reach out to the Office of Civil Rights & Title IX,

If you would like to talk through your options or have an advocate present for support during any of these processes please contact the confidential staff of CARE Services, 785-864-9255, or The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center, 785-843-8985.

It's okay to have questions anytime along the way; you deserve to have the information you need. We can talk with you about what to expect and will always support your decisions.

If there is an immediate danger/threat, please call 911. If you’d like to find out more, or report an incident to law enforcement and potentially start a formal police investigation, you can start by calling the police department that has jurisdiction over where the incident occurred. 


Incidents on campus property:

KU Police Department



Incidents off campus in Lawrence:

Lawrence Police Department*

785-843-0250 (Non-Emergency Dispatch Number)

The non-emergency dispatch number can dispatch an officer for incidents in Douglas County that happen outside of Lawrence city limits as well.


If you have questions, or you are looking for support and assistance in navigating these systems, please reach out to confidential CARE Services staff (on campus) 785-864-9255, or The Sexual Trauma & Abuse Care Center (off campus), 785-843-8985.

Sexual Assault Prevention & Education Center


The Sexual Assault Prevention and Education Center  (SAPEC) promotes social change and the elimination of sexual violence through prevention education, inclusive programming, and campus wide collaboration.  SAPEC was established in 2016 after student activism inspired the creation a Sexual Assault Task Force, resulting in campus wide recommendations including the creation of SAPEC.

SAPEC offers various presentations that are intended for groups affiliated with the University of Kansas such as student organizations, Greek life, as well as academic and administrative departments. Currently available presentations explore topics such as Consent @ KU, #RelationshipGoals, Sexual Violence Recognition & Response, and Trauma Informed Response for Professionals. 

SAPEC also manages various required and optional programming intended to promote sexual violence prevention in our KU community.

Visit this page to learn more about their current programs. If you are a student and a required training/program would cause distress or emotional harm based on a personal history related to the topic, you can request a waiver or alternative through CARE Services by emailing

(You do not need to disclose details of any harm or experiences to access waivers.)


Resources List

  • This list provides a guide to resources at KU and within the Lawrence community.

  • Resources with an * are confidential and do not report to KU.

  • For state-wide (Kansas) or national resources, please see KCSDV ( or RAINN ( respectively.

Student sitting at laptop looking away

Online Reporting Available via Canvas

Support and reporting options are also available to students within Canvas. You can find these resources under your account tab or by visiting the link below.

Online Reporting

Financial Support

The Interpersonal Violence (IPV) Fund provides financial assistance to students who have been affected by sexual assault, violence, harassment, stalking, and intimate partner/dating violence.